Monday, April 2, 2012

when it rains, it pours

there was a chain reaction this weekend.
once one thing happened,
something else did too.
none of it was good.
it started with ronnie and i finding leaking water in our basement.
thank god it was in the unfinished part and didn't ruin our new carpet.
but it's never fun to find shitty water anywhere around your house.

it left us without our guest bathroom and without both bathroom sinks. 
i was brushing my teeth in the kitchen.
and ronnie made these handy-dandy patronizing signs, so i wouldn't forget.
(i got great joy from him being the first one to walk in the bathroom and remembering he couldn't use it.) 

so ronnie started his plumbing project, while i went to use the one shower left that still worked.

between the hot water line, standing on a milk crate, and no patience...
ronnie broke his arm.
who knew plumbing was so dangerous?

we decided to give up on that project
and have another couple (and their two kiddos) over for dinner and deck time.
we ordered pork n pit and just added some
 corn on the cob, a bowl of mixed fruit and summer shandy.

but when i finally went back inside
 we had 10 missed calls from ronnie's mom.
our brother-n-law was rushed to the emergency room
 with what we thought was a heart attack.
then we got a call saying it was a stroke.
then we got a call saying it was a fainting episode.
and then we got a call saying it was a migraine.
turns out the our b-n-l has a syndrome that causes
hemiplegic migraines with stroke-like symptoms.
it was definitely scary.
but thank god, by sunday
our plumbing was fixed,
ronnie's arm was bandaged
and our b-n-l was on the mend. 

it was a freaky weekend.


  1. They say bad things happen in threes. I'd say that was true here. I think you're safe for a while. (knock on wood).

  2. i love the bathroom signs. and ronnie's picture.