Monday, April 23, 2012

sock it to me

as a fair warning, the pictures involved in this post
could be used against me in "worlds most awkward photos" contest.
but nevertheless, i'm going to go ahead and share.
i have done this to my hair a couple times but wanted to share the process
1 - because the girls at work wanted to see the "sock curls"
2 - because my bff is no longer using heat on her hair
in hopes of having gorgeous long locks at her wedding [in 2 years]. 
yes, that's right.  she's planning ahead.
i thought this could be something she could do
 in case she wants to get fancy.
the sock method uses no heat,
but does require you to prep your hair the night before.
start with clean, dry hair.
oh and apparently makeup is also an option. wah wah.

spritz your hair with water to dampen.
and then put your hair in a super high pony tail right on top of you head.
i put my in two pony tails because my hair is so thick.
[this is where the weird/gross pictures come into play]

cut the toe end of your sock off.

roll the sock into a donut.

pull your hair through the donut hole
and fold the ends of your hair around the sock.

continue to roll your hair down over the sock.

reminder: normally you would only do one of these but i'm doing two,
 which is probably not necessary unless you have super long or thick hair.

this is also where i asked my assistant,ronaldo, to take a picture of the top.
he couldn't decide which joke to make first
and then he asked me to never do this to myself again.
clearly, he's not a star wars fan.

then, just go to bed and sleep on it.
in the morning, unroll the socks from your hair and take out the ponytail.
and that's it.  perfect, easy curls with no heat and no mess.

(you'll notice i had a few bumps at the top of my hair
where the ponytail had been.  i just took my hair straightener
and smoothed those out.)

donzo. and love it.


  1. are you kidding me? you have the best hair.

  2. the play by play pictures are my favorite. lookin' good brooker!