Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what's happening

i found some gorgeous flowers at hy-vee that i brought home for my toolbox.
and no, my toolbox does not = ronnie.
well, not this time.
blue hydrangeas.  love.

jana, my longest running friend to date, had her baby on april 2nd.
mr. max earl holt came into this world at a whopping 7lbs 3oz, 21 1/4 inches.
he's already inching toward becoming taller than is 5'2 mamma. 

and we're having lots of family time this week.
ronzo's mom is in town making her way around to see everyone
and celebrate easter.
this is a good for me -
i pulled our house together and i might make a meal or two.

i've got two invites on my fridge for the same day.
two of my favorite people are celebrating big things in their life:
a little baby that was wanted a year before conception.
and an engagement 3 years in the making.
so i'm sending my well wishes to kass, while ronnie and i travel to st. louis
to see my gal pals and their new babies, visit my margie and rub fanger's belly at her shower.
and i'm real excited.
now i only have a wait another month before i actually go.

and that's what's been happening.

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