Friday, August 5, 2011

life of luxury

my mother-in-law has been staying at our house this week.  ronnie said he can't remember the last time we cooked dinner two days in a row or went a week without gilmore girls on the tv.  so true. 
yesterday i got home late from work after a meeting and she had literally washed and folded every piece of laundry in our house, vacuumed the floors, made our bed and had chicken in the crock pot. 
it was amazing.
this is what it must feel like to have a house keeper.  

donna (mil) has also brought another little luxury item into my life.

don't those roses just seal the deal? ;)

i don't feel the need to fill you in on the backstory of WHY i tried on my mother-in-law's bra, but i did and i loved it.  for those of you that know me best - my days are spent in the loving arms of a sports bra.  day in and day out, including nights and weekends. 
i hate big boobs.  it probably has something to do with always wanting what you don't have.  but i was cursed with Ds.  i figure the best way to make them look smaller would be to squish them in a sports bra and pretend they're not there.  the genie bras are similar to a sports bra, but actually have a cup for support and get rid of that sports-bra-back-fat line.  um yes, i DO prefer that.
and while i normally don't buy those as-seen-on-tv products - even if i've wanted too (hello, the bump it looked amazing) this one has made the cut.
sixty dollars later and six bras are on their way to my home.

so while i REALLY REALLY REALLY loved living the life of luxury this week with the laundry done and dinner cooked, i think i'm most excited about my new bras. 

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  1. haha. i might have to try those out. i hate bras in general...i'd rather not wear one. that pic is hilarious.