Monday, August 15, 2011

what could go wrong?

i returned last night after being gone seven days on an amazing trip to the caribbean.
never ending buffets, sleeping in, white beaches, gorgeous water and new adventures at every island.
it was so much fun. 
so what could go wrong?
instead of going over all the amazing things i did in the week, i want to jot down a few reminders (mostly for myself) so it helps me remember some important things the next time i travel. 

1. being so excited about being on vacation that you get wasted night one and are hungover the first day at sea.
2. frying your skin on the second day of the trip - - as in crying in bed that night because you hurt so bad.
3. forgetting to pack the dramamine and your husband feels nauseous all night.
4. getting attacked by billions of mosquitoes on your excursion mudding through the jungle of belize because they HIGHLY recommend bug spray, but you don't have any.
5. blistering lips from the sun because all you packed was lip gloss instead of spf chapstick.
6. not realizing that the cruise is air conditioned to the max and therefore, might need a cardigan instead of all tank tops.
7. sit on the cruise for 3 hours before being let off, then sit at the airport for 2 hours before finding out your plan has been delayed another 3 hours, followed by a 2 hour plane ride and a 1 hour drive home.
8. prepare for vacation - then take out half of the clothes you pack and double the amount of money you thought you would spend.

but really, i can't complain.  it was one of the best trips i've ever been on.

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