Tuesday, August 23, 2011

way back when

it's weird the things that can trip your memory.

last night ronnie told me that a friend of ours had read my senior will and was explaining it to ronnie - random - so i was trying to remember the things i wrote in mine... trying to explain to him my senior skip day, senior breakfast, my prom, graduation. 
while i couldn't find my copy of the will, i can remember bits and pieces of what i wrote and what others left to me.  (for those of you that did not do senior wills in high school, it's where you leave things to your friends and basically it becomes one big inside joke.)
it's strange how people that were main characters in my life, now don't even have a minor role.  and the people that i had yet to meet and love were still a few years away.  i had no gal pals, i had no ronnie, there was no best friend-marge simpson look alike.  but at the same time, one of my best accomplishments is keeping my old "high school" friends close.  closer even than we were back then.

us currently

the love, the fights, the girls nights, and the drama that consumed me, are now ten years old. 
my life is different and as it should be, but it's still bizarre to remember my 17 year old self and the things that were most important to me back then. 
i had a good life, but now i have a great one.

the loves

the girls nights

the fights

the drama

do you remember your 17 year old self?


  1. This time 10 years ago I was getting ready for my senior year of high school and I thought I had EVERYTHING figured out!!!

  2. I'm glad your story didn't end in HS. :)