Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i only shower once a week

i had another baby shower this weekend for mrs. shlong glover.
another day to spend with my friends and reminisce our lives.
after leaving my house around 10:45 that morning i finally made it back home around 10:30 that night.  i'm pretty sure this could be classified as the longest baby shower in history, but the mother-to-be bowed out around 3, so then i guess its just called hanging out?
darn, there goes my entry to the guinness book of world records. 

and because i love games, i made them play one.
it was called 'how sweet it is', where you match pregnacy terms to candy bars.  an example: mom, dad and baby would be matched to a 3 Musketeers. 
for a prize i made a candy bar bouquet.
i used a pail leftover from the citronella candles, bought dowel rods, and hot glued candy bars to them.  easy as pie.

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