Wednesday, August 24, 2011

float on

my july was busy.  so busy in fact that i just got around to developing the [disposable] camera from our float trip.  electronics are banned from any and all rivers after last year and what i like to refer to as "flip mania."  let's just say by the end of the trip we were too sauced to keep our boat afloat and blackberries were destroyed.  i didn't want the same fate for my digital camera - so although some of these pictures are not high quality, they're a lot of fun.

the girls road trippin

stopped at a gas station for supplies

 we bought some strawberry hill for old times sake.

and sat three deep in chris's truck

we were excited and ready to go.

down by the river

turnbow fell in love with the floaty cooler.

 kass brought lots of jello shots

 boys being boys and turnbow being kenny powers.

 love linds

 this is ronnie's sweet hat

back at camp

a good evening to a good day.

and our 2nd annual float trip is concluded.  another success.

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