Monday, August 29, 2011

little lives

i met a new little man over the weekend and found out that another one (not sure if its a girl or boy yet) is on the way.
shannie had graham last wednesday. 

on sunday his adopted aunties all gathered at shannon's home to welcome him.  he has the cutest little brown curls on top of his head and makes the funniest faces.  i cuddled him as long as i could before another of his aunties claimed her turn.

and since we had all the girls gathered, jana told us that we will have another peanut in our group around april. they got pregnant on their first wedding anniversary to the day.  talk about planning.   

so here's to the new little lives that will become a part of mine.  

(i forgot my camera and almost cried - but these are pics from the hospital.  graham was actually four days older by the time i met him.)

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  1. Oh my gosh! My heart just melted over that picture of Reese cuddling her little brother. So stinking cute!!