Saturday, August 6, 2011

...has left the building

the day has come.
for the next 7 days i will be without facebook, cellphones, email and internet.
i will be setting sea for our big vacation in the caribbean and i can. not. wait.
i'm picturing early mornings at a giant buffet, lazy afternoons by the pool and evenings exploring the islands. 
we will dock at four new places that i have never been to and might never see again. 
my mom has warned me that she and dad went abroad when they were 31 and haven't been back since.  they're 60. you just never know when your life becomes too complicated - too busy.

that's why i pretty much force ronnie to go on trips every year.  it might be different once we have kids or demanding jobs, so i don't want to miss these years when it's just the two of us and we're just starting out. 

i'll pull a jerry springer and leave you with a final thought:
“living on earth includes a free trip around the sun every year.”
and that might be the best trip of all.

ps- please refrain from telling all burglars you know that i am away from my house for a week.  i'd like to keep my pretty things.

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