Friday, August 19, 2011

let's be honest

so while my last post probably has you thinking that ronnie and i have turned our lives around and are having these awesome meals - let me recap this week's dinner menus:

monday (ronaldo was out of town)
cheerios and skim milk

tuesday (ronaldo got home early, but i wasn't planning to make dinner)
ronnie ate a McChicken and fries.
i had crackers with cheese and turkey.  straight up homemade lunchable. and my mom and dad dropped off a bag full of peaches off their tree.  they're amazing.  so add one of those to the list too.

ronnie ate nothing.
i had peanut butter and crackers with another peach.

thursday (ronnie has class on thursdays from 5 - 9)
i decided that i had enough of my crackers and peach diet, so i packed the puppies in the car and headed for my parent's house.  i spent the evening telling them about our recent trip, dropped off a gift for watching our puppies AND ate chicken, green beans and homemade chocolate pie.  my mom already had a pie in the oven when i called her at 4:00 to let her know i was coming.  i told you that dessert with my family is mandatory!

i also explained what my dinners had consisted of since we've been back from the cruise since sunday and have still not made it to the grocery store.  they were appalled.  my mom packed up leftover pork and rice for us.  looks like tonight's dinner is already done.  score.

a look into the future?  i see an early saturday morning run to the grocery store.  dammit.

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