Thursday, August 4, 2011

sittin' on the side of the road

dumpster diving... again.

it was finally less than 100 degrees outside so my puppies and i decided to take advantage of it and go for a long walk last night.  not far from my house i came across a big screen tv, a mattress, and a dresser on the side of the road. 
crazy people.
i really loved the dresser.  i think it would be perfect in my basement once it's done. 
so this morning around 5:30 ronnie and i drove down the road and snatched up my new beauty. (yes, ronnie hated life.)
i think with a little tlc and spray paint, it might be my new favorite thing.

ronnie crawling in the car to get out our new dresser - still dark outside.

the dresser unloaded in our garage.  she's a beaut.


  1. wow! one man's trash is another man's treasure. good find! turquoise?

  2. probably not turquoise - but i would LOVE to do a color of some sort.