Thursday, December 30, 2010

one man's trash

i went outside yesterday to take our puppies potty - - and this little number was sitting on the curb with the trash at our neighbors house. 

i walked right over there - - heaved it over my fence and snuck it into my house.
i have been wanting a coat rack, but didn't really want to throw down the money for one.  the gods must be looking out for me.  i realize the screws need to be tightened and it needs a little love - - aka: spray paint, but i think it might be perfect for me.
originally, i wanted one made out of wood - but beggars (or dumpster divers) can't be choosers.
since it's already white - i'm thinking about either putting a new coat of white on it to cover all the old school brass.  or i was thinking of going bold and painting it a light blue.  that's the accent color in my office and i think it might give it a good pop of much needed color.  i was planning on hanging a blue valance - - something like this:

 but this idea might be even better.  and if i hate it, i'll just buy can of white spray paint and redo it. 
today is an unnaturally warm day for december - so maybe i'll get started after work!

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