Monday, December 6, 2010

pet peeves

what are five of your pet peeves? 
i probably have WAY more than five, but here are some of mine.
being late.
lost luggage.
cutting in line.

oh yes, cutting.  and unfortunately, cutting and i met face to face. 
ever want to scream to someone - "wait your beep beep turn, you dumb mother beep!"?
well, i did and i said a lot more than just that.  and it felt great and terrifying all at once.  i thought the man might come over and punch me in the face - - but at the time, i couldn't help myself.
there i was waiting my turn at a gas pump (for literally more than 5 minutes) when another car pulls in, goes around me and waits at the other end of the car pumping.  and when that car was done, that little f*@$&! pulled right in like i wasn't there.  it did NOT go over well.
i have never yelled at some stranger - never - never.  i was shaking and even got out of my car. can you imagine?  i bet a looked a little crazy.
i should mention that people cussing in public is another pet peeve of mine. (yes, i realize i'm married to ronnie.)  i always think what a trashbag they must be, and here i am...
it was definitely not very christmasy of me.  but then again, this is the season of giving and man, i gave it to him.

i'd like to make a note that this man was huge... i would say 350lbs. and i did not once call him fat.  i should get some nice points for that, right? i think all those episodes of the biggest loser might of had an affect on me.  

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