Thursday, December 23, 2010

all i want for christmas is...

tis the season to give.
but i thought i'd have a little fun on the internet
and pick out all the things i want too. 
don't judge.

adorable earings with a vintage look. 
these were found at forever 21, but they are available everywhere right now.

deep freezer.
i think i would like to try cooking in mass amounts and then freezing for later.
an idea i picked up here.

32" flat screen - i hate our big ol' tv on top of our dresser. 
i would love it to hang on the wall.

yarn wreaths - aren't they divine?  this might just have to be my next craft project.

a looooooong brown cardigan

my guest room is in desparate need of an armoir to hide the (another) tv.

king size bed - need i say more?

this is found at fred flair - forget me knot ring

i am in love with plaid capes right now. 
aren't these adorable... i just feel like i could pair them with any "fall" outfit.
academic path wedge - pink studio

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