Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cleaning out my closet

like eminem? i wish.  but no, i literally cleaned out my closet(s). 
i have all the new clothes from christmas and no room to fit them anywhere. 
i am lucky enough to have taken over 3 out of the 4 closets in the house.
two in the master bedroom; one in the office.
ronnie has one in the guest bedroom.
(it stresses him out to see my messy closets - he wants me to take over the basement as one big closet, but i'm resisting.)   
my dream would be to have this:

can you imagine how much stuff i could cram into here? it would be amazing.
but alas, this is what i'm living with now.

 master bedroom closet #1

master bedroom closet #2

office closet

and here is what i took out.

 it gave me some anxiety, but my mom and sister-n-law went through and took some of it for themselves, so now if i ever get that "damn, i wish i still had that" feeling... i might still be able to get it back.  the rest is going to the salvation army. i'm feeling a little lighter and little more organized.

a good start to the almost new year.

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