Friday, December 17, 2010

on the market

i have been searching for a job for about, eh, a year.  give or take a year.  i only do it speratically when i am either:
a) bored at work
b) mad at work
c) lindsay sends me a job she thinks i could do
so i'm not very throuough or regular. 
i went on an interview over the summer (didn't get it), but my boss found out and her boss found out.  they wanted to keep me, so they promoted me.  that equalled a new title and $6,000 more pay a year.  yay, right? 
well not really.  of course i love the extra money.  we get to do more things (hence the wood floors), but the whole point was not the money - - it was being challenged and advanced within my career field.  none of that happened.  i don't do anymore than i did before the promotion.  so i'm still bored. 
soooo, within the last two weeks i've applied for five jobs.  they range from marketing managers, pr managers, volunteer coordinators, blah blah blah. 
i am really hoping to at least get an interview and maybe that will get me motivated to keep going or turn into a new job opportunity.
i'm 27, with three and a half years experience and a master's degree.  i know there are people out there more qualified, but i'm going to try anyway.
cross your fingers.  

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