Friday, December 3, 2010

does everyone know what time it is?

no, not tool time.  christmas time! even better than tim allen.
and this is the weekend that we go christmas shopping (one of the many turner family christmas traditions).  mom and dad decided (while we were in college) that they could no longer pick out cool gifts, so they give brian and i money and we all go shopping.  then my mom takes it home, wraps it up and puts it underneath the tree.  we love it because we get everything we really want, everything fits and it takes the hassle of my mom trying to figure it out.  when brian got married we added jaime to our shopping day.  then a couple years ago, i brought ronnie into the tradition.  i'm sure my parents are starting to rethink the money that they now spend in one day - but as kids - we still love it. 
after, we grab dinner and ride around (brookside) looking at all the christmas lights.  it's one of my favorite days.  in the past we tried to get 6 adults in the truck (imagine jaime sitting on my dad's lap) but last year my parents decided to give in and buy a 7 passenger car.  and good thing they did, because this year we get to add little madeline (brian and jaime's new baby girl) into our tradition. 
it will be a fun weekend and just what i need to get into the christmas spirit.

not to mention that the next day - ronnie and i are taking back our house from the floors.  that's right, we're going home. finally.

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