Friday, December 10, 2010

master your craft (#1)

my first craft project is finished.  (unless you count jeans i used to make into skirts or the beer tables we made in college). i made a new/vintage suitcase table - - with the help of lindsay and ronnie.  this is the picture i got offline and sort of what i wanted mine to end up looking like.

my inspiration came from a blog i read quite often. and it seemed simple enough.  so i got lindsay on board and we started searching etsy for vintage suitcases. i ordered mine for about $30.  not bad. 

then linds and i headed off to home depot and bought our spray paint.  she chose black - i went grey.  we each bought 2 cans - which, you will need both. 

once our suitcases arrived, we did three coats of paint - waited a day - flipped them over and did three more coats on the opposite side. i chose to tape off the metal on my suitcase and linds decided to make hers all one color.
next came the legs.  these were much harder for us to find.  home depot? no. hobby lobby? no. lowes? no.
hmmmm.  we finally tried westlakes and they had some.  they were too long, but we figured we could chop them down to size.  (later, we thought that we might have been able to use banister railings, if it had come to that.)  while you're at westlakes you'll also want to pick up four brackets to attach the legs with. 

we left the tags on the legs so we could hold them up and spray paint all sides in one day.  it worked great, just be on the look out for runs. 
once dried, we hired some help (mr. cox) to attach the legs to the suitcase and sawed off 6 inches from our too long legs.  since the bottoms of the legs were cut off, we added felt tips, so not to scratch our floors.  i finally peeled off the paint tape to reveal the metal details.
and wah la - - a new table.

ps- notice the baseboards (or lack thereof), we were still under construction at this time. no judgement.

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