Tuesday, November 9, 2010

did somebody say..... wood?

we're are in the process of putting in new wood floors in our house.  by ourselves.  we priced a lot of different companies - where to buy, who to lay it, who to sand and finish it.  in the end, ronnie and i decided that we could save half of the expenses if we took on this project.  (this will leave enough money left over to recarpet the bedrooms.  score!)
it's been such a process and we are not close to done.  the wood is down, but it now needs to be sanded, finished, and then protected. not to mention all the baseboards will need another coat of paint, quarterround  
my furniture is placed in all the different bedrooms, the couch is in the garage, and remaining items were taken to the basement.  it's empty, it's dirty and now with our wood floors down, it echos.  i pretty much hate it.  but i know once this is all done i will love.  i have been visioning this for two years. 
i'll go through the play by play when it is done...

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