Monday, November 22, 2010

on my mind

1- my floors are not done.  they look like crap and my house reeks of stain.
2 - it's thanksgiving week, so tomorrow everyone is bringing in a dish to work.  i guess i'll make mine at my mom's?
3 - we're staying at my parent's this week.  (see #1)  it's an hour and ten minute drive to work.  one way.
4 - i need to make a vegetable dish for thanksgiving sometime in between work and working on my house.
5 - i need to pay our mortgage and be able to go christmas shopping on black friday.  unfortunately, i will only have $40 left in my account.
6 - work sucks and i'm busy.
7 - kass needs me.
8 - i cannot get to some of my clothes because my fridge is in my hallway blocking the door.  for another week.
9 - all we do is eat out.  (see #1, #6, #8)
10.  my diet is out the window. (see above)

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