Wednesday, November 17, 2010


today is my best friend's birthday.  kassie turns twenty-seven. 
and she's had the worst birthday i can possibly think of.

(kassie and i, birthday party - age 6)

i got a phone call around eleven from a close friend letting me know that kass's mom had a stroke this morning.  i immediately called her to see how things were.  she was a mess. her mom can't move - - or talk.  and they don't know how bad it is.  that was eleven, right now it's five.  i haven't heard anything.  no phone call.  no text.  her mom also has lung cancer and kass told me last week (in confidence) that they just found out her tumor had grown.  too many things are working against her right now and i just want to make sure that things are getting better.  better for kassie and better for her mom, katie.  i've been frantically calling our best friends to let them know what i know or see if anyone has an update.  no one knows what to do.  so we wait.  i pray for my friend and i pray for her mom.
dear god, don't let my friend lose her mom at 27.  she needs her.

(kassie and i - age 25)

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