Wednesday, November 3, 2010

living with a secret

when i first read this book, The Secret, and watched the movie, i was skeptical.  the law of attraction?  what did that have to do with what i could do with my life?  but, at the time i was starting a new job, a new marriage, and a new house.  there were soooo many things i wanted, so many ways i saw my life heading – and this was the secret to get them all.  um, what?  for real?  i decided it wouldn’t hurt to try.
the basic gist of the book is that you bring everything into your life by using the law of attraction.  the secret is the science of attracting the things in life that you desire and need and removing from your life those things that you don't want.  it’s a very interesting concept and i thought about how this had already applied to my life before i even realized i was doing it. 
they suggest you make a life board - - in pictures and words you put down some long term and short term goals.  things you want from life.  the salary, the job, the house, the car, the relationship.  anything.
this is some what mine included.

(join title boxing)

(become a florist)

(have carrie underwood's body)

so far i’ve checked off several things.  the coolest example of this is my car.  i’ve wanted a 4runner since i was 16.  a black 4runner - - its been a dream of mine.  i put it on my life board.  in 2008 they made their last model.  you can imagine how disappointed i was.  when my husband and i were finally ready to talk cars in 2010, we started looking around at the options.  this whole time the picture of the 4runner still hung in my office on my life board.  one day my husband called and said that he had just drove by the toyota dealership and they had a brand new 4runner for sale.  apparently they decided after canceling it – to bring it back.  we went home with one the next day.  whose to say... maybe i made that 4runner come to me.
this will change the way you think about things… trying to be positive and keep what is most important at the forefront.  there are still some far fetched ideas on my life board, but what’s the harm in believing.  besides, if oprah believes, it's gotta be real.

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