Sunday, April 22, 2012

eat mor chikin

i went over to lindsay's parent's house a couple weekends ago for dinner
and was so impressed with her mom's menu that i had to know the secret,
and then try to recreate it.
it is perfect for my diet and i knew ronaldo would love it too.
friday night we had no plans so i thought i'd give it a shot.
turns out, its the easiest meal and pretty healthy too.

the first time i had it, she used chicken breast
but all i had in the deep freeze was boneless/skinless thighs
so that's what i used.
just rub them up in olive oil.
sprinkle on some season salt.
and cover in crunched up corn flakes.

bake in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes.
that's it. wah la.

for a side linds' mom made asparagus
and since i had some in the fridge
i thought i would do it up right.
brush olive oil on the asparagus
and then lightly sprinkle garlic salt to taste.
broil on low (250 degrees) for 12 minutes.

and then i made up a side of rice [for ronnie].

it's a really easy meal
with very few ingredients
and we loved it.

bon appetit!

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