Friday, October 22, 2010

friday weigh-ins

starting weight: 167 lbs
current weight: 147 lbs
goal: 125 - 130 lbs

i picked friday for weigh-ins because it's the day before i normally do horrible on my diet.  i guess i consider the weekend a break from health.  (probably not good).  so i figured, weigh in the day before the drinking, eating out and lack of exercise begins and then i'll have all next week to get rid of what i do in the next two days.  genius? - - maybe. 
i joined title boxing in august and love it.  but i have to find motivation to go.  so far this week, i've only been monday. 
i know on fridays it's easy to talk myself out of it.  but really?!
recently i've been wanting to plan a whole week in warrensburg - - my mom and i would go on the south beach (week one) diet.  i think if i spent 10 days there, we could be each other's motivation - - not to mention it helps to have my mom in charge of all the food - - i might be able to kick off my diet plan and get where i need to be. 
* * *
road block - there is no way i can take a week off work right now - - and probably won't be able to until january.  diet after the holidays?  knowing me and my one on one relationship with anything sweet - that probably makes the most sense, but i want to be skinny now.  hear me whine?

wanna see what i looked like at 167 lbs?  i know you do - - people love fat pics.  before and afters.
it's still me, just puffed up all over.  especially in the face.  you'll also notice my friend in the picture.  it's probably to blame. although, me and beer.  we're still friends.
and here is me now.  much better, i'll admit.  just not quite where i want to end.
so here i go... to lunch. 

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