Friday, October 29, 2010

ladies who lunch

it's friday and i did in fact weigh-in this morning - but there is no change, so enough with that.

what i'm really excited about is a lunch date with my bestest friends.  my clever, lawyer friend deemed it our "ladies who lunch" club and i really look forward to it.  somehow in the last year or two, we have become busy.  too busy.  so now instead of nights of drinking, card games and bars - - we meet for lunch once a month.  i guess this is what happens when we all have husbands, careers and babies (for some).
i keep waiting for my calendar to clear up so i can have my weekends free for wild nights out, but i might have to come to terms that "ladies who lunch" might be it.
either way - i love my friends and no matter what we are doing - - it's always fun.

(ps - miss huff is missing from the photo above)

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