Wednesday, October 27, 2010

if you want something done right - you gotta do it yourself.

dear husbands,
if your wife hints at you (for a month) that she wants to go away for the weekend to do something fun... do not ignore.  especially if this weekend also coincides with a certain wedding anniversary.  if she then decides that she better be more specific and gives you three options on where to go with prices of different places to stay... you should pick one.  if she comes back with a decision she's made by herself on where to go... act excited.  you should not, however, shrug your shoulders, change the subject, or completely ignore her.  when she comes back later after all her tries at reservations have been denied because all of this was last minute... come up with another amazing plan.
she would really appreciate the effort.

yours truly,
every married woman

with three days left - - things are not looking good.

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