Sunday, October 20, 2013

october roads

something about october
sends ronnie and i into the woods.
we loved going on walks.
and since a frost is in the forecast,
we don't have to worry about any bugs for very much longer.
we went back to the trails we went to last year on
its so weird
because now she's here
and going along for the ride.
we strapped on our little girl
and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
there is a huge field where we park and
the dogs run around like crazy animals.
they love it.
brette loved it
and she loves the bjorn.
next october, she'll be the one running around and leading the way.
life changes so fast.
its nice to remember to enjoy the simple days.
a sunday walk with my family.


(tater staying closed to his mamma)

(ronnie and leia running like crazy)

(ronnie staring at his jeep/b staring at me.)

(family shot)
and then i spent the rest of my day watching football.  go chiefs!

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