Monday, October 21, 2013

dumping zone

i took pictures with ronnie's
phone over the weekend and realized
that he had some photos that i don't have on the blog,
so this makes it a good time for a photo dump.
keep in mind that some these date back a several months...

first of all.
holy hell.
me, pregnant
at home and then in seattle.
i'm so glad that is over.

 now jump to the hospital.
ronzo remembered to snap a photo of our white board
the day she was born.
i love it because now i know our room number
and my amazing nurse, annie.
then he had a play by play of the first couple minutes after she was born.
thank god, because i was being worked on during all of this
so i didn't get to see any of it.
 the one and only shot where i think b looks like me.
just minutes after she was born.
ronnie has always been obsessed with brette's toes.
he thought it was so weird how she would spread them apart.
and he was especially focused her big toe - - which led to one of her many nicknames: corntoe.
so it makes sense that he had to get a picture of her feet when she was born.
(look at her big toe in the picture above... he's kind of right.  it was long.)
cut to our first week home.
this is me bathing her in light to help her bilirubin score. 

 i honestly don't know how old she is in the next three pictures,
but they're adorable so i had to share.

and now we're back to present day:
these two are from last week.

sorry for the flashback,
but i just wanted to have all these
photos on here since, in a way,
this is her digital baby book.


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