Thursday, October 31, 2013

the scare affair

the calendar on my phone went off this morning
making sure i knew that its halloween. all day.
good to know.
but my little boo has been dressing the part all week.
not only does she have her pumpkin jammies
but three others as well.
ghosts, more pumpkins and candy corn.
(thanks grammy!)




and tonight?
us girls are dressing up like 50's gals.
poodle skirts and all.
dear ol' daddy was supposed to have a leather jacket
and be a greaser, but as of last night he still wasn't ready, so
i'm pretty sure he is opting out of the costume portion of the program.
ps- not only is it all hallow's eve,
but its also 5 year anniversary eve.
time to celebrate.
happy halloween! 

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