Tuesday, October 15, 2013

run forest, run

Keep calm and exersise
 oh hey.
no big deal.
just trying to start running again.
only took me four months after having brette.
my original plan was to be back in shape by my 30th bday.
i thought it would be somewhat easy.
i mean, hello, i'm burning an extra 500 calories a day
just by breastfeeding
and i go on stroller walks.
these pounds should be falling off me.
but no.
of course not.
so now i've resorted to the old fashion method.
first time i went,
things were flying everywhere.
very jiggly all over.
i'm pretty sure my boobs might need three or four sports bras
instead of my normal two.
its hard when you haven't ran in over a year.
 i run out of breath super fast.
and you know what's shameful?
the first time i ran,
i ran a half mile.
and i was sore after.
how embarrassing.
remember when i was trying for the half marathon
and ran seven miles?
yeah, me neither.
the second and third time i went running, i ran a mile,
so at least that's a little better.
and that's it.
i've only been three times,
but you got to start somewhere.
and i need to find a walking path
or start going on my treadmill,
because i took brette with me in the jogger
and she was rattling all over the place.
those sidewalks are junk.
this is where i should insert a bunch of
encouraging words and cheering,
but realistically i need more than one week of running before i can
call myself a runner.
hopefully i can be back in shape by christmas.
just in time to eat all the holiday food and gain it all back.

sweet plan.

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  1. amen sister. I applaud you on 1 mile. I can't get 1/4 of a mile in. These last few pounds are impossible to shed. Those must have been my "mommy weight" vs "baby weight"