Thursday, October 17, 2013

there and back

brette and i hit the road again.
after a week home after nashville,
we headed back down the highway to st. louis.
marge was on her fall break at school and she had
a week off, so we went for a quick visit.
the girls scheduled a play date since i was coming in.
i finally got to meet and play with all my sorority sister's babies.
it was crazy adorable and just crazy.
ten kids, six adults and one big dog.
Photo: 10 kids under 2 and a half for an afternoon play date. It wasn't quiet.
loved it.
and i got to spend two uninterrupted days with cohen and crosby,
margie's two wild boys that keep brette entertained for hours.
i can literally lay her on the floor and she's good just watching them.
and marge has everything i could ever need so that made packing
super easy and light.
and i got to try b out in some big kid toys.
who knew she was ready for the play saucer?
such a big girl!
we also decided that we should walk around the mall
and stroll through h&m.
big mistake.
you can't go into h&m without ending up with an armful of clothes.
and they have a kids section.
if i hadn't just gotten a ton of clothes from madeline
i would have gotten brette a lot of new stuff.
so basically i just added to my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe.
i guess i wanted to be stylin' when i go to the post office and hy-vee.
when i got home,
ronnie was helping unload the car
and of course, that's the bag he brought in.

(you know you're in st. louis when the babies and the dog
 are watching the cardinal's game.) 
ps- this trip must have worn B out.
it's 10:30 and she's still asleep.

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