Monday, October 14, 2013

brette: 4 months

i'm not sure what her height and weight are.
we have her doctor appointment next week,
so stay tuned for a percentile update.
but her cheeks and legs are chunky monkey
... in the cutest way possible.
she's still in size one diapers.
we are on our last bag,
so she'll be in two's within the next couple weeks.
she is wearing both 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.
the 0-3 stuff fits her great but
a lot of what we had was summer attire so
we had to pack those away and bust out
her long sleeves and leggings.
(ps- if you follow madeline and eden's blog, you'll
see a lot of repeat clothes.  sanku, jaime & brian!)

her hair is still dark,
but she's losing some of it.
her eyes are still blue
and her head/neck control is awesome,
but not sitting up on her own yet.
she does roll over on her side but hasn't
mastered getting completely over.
we're working on it.
nights are a non-issue.
she sleeps 10 hours,
then gets up for a little breakfast break
and goes right back down.
we still start our day around 9:00.
naps are still not good,
but i am trying my best to be consistent with our routine.
i put her in the swing everyday around 1:00
and she falls asleep without crying.
she'll sleep anywhere from 30 mins to an hour.
then she sleeps the next hour on me.
i'm still trying to figure out how to put
her back to sleep and keep her in the swing for that second hour.
suggestions welcome.
we've lengthened out our eating times,
but not by a lot.
we get past 2 hours now,
but only to about 2.5 to 3 hours.
every once in awhile, if we're out
and she's constantly entertained we
can go four hours.
i honestly think i'll always need to feed her more often during the day,
just because she goes so long at night.
but all in all, nursing has become second nature
and we're both still hanging with it.
we play all the time.
and we even get some giggles now.
my sil, jaime, got her laughing for the first time on our way to nashville,
and now its ronnie and i's goal everyday.
i love hearing it.
it's pretty deep,
which is surprising because her squeals are so shrill.
which ps - she is getting louder and louder by the day.

she also puts everything in her mouth.
i'm trying my best to keep things clean,
but who knows what all she gets past me during the day.

her favorite toys are the ones that have
lights and play music.
she also has love for her sleep sheep and her pacifier,
but we might have a finger sucker on our hands
because that's her go-to when the pacifier is not around.
or her feet. she loves her feet.
she also loves books.
i read to her and she stares at the pictures and
smiles at all my voices.
and she loves to be sang to.
even by me.
she went to her first sporting event - a football game.
she laughed! (its adorable)
she had her first out of state vacation.
she went on her first run. (more on that later)
and she went to the zoo.
i feel like i'm forgetting some,
but its hard to remember a whole month of firsts.

so we're still doing really well over here in coxville - -
loving on b and watching her grow.


still hating those tummy shots.
wah wah.

and i'm now able to sit her in the middle of the chair because
she doesn't need the arm to rest on.
love it.

wanna see brette grow?
month one
month two
month three


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