Tuesday, August 13, 2013

brette: two months

two months and a lifetime.

she weighs 10lbs 5oz (48th percentile)
her height is 22in (50th percentile)
her head is 39cm (75th percentile)
she's still in size one diapers
and is finally wearing 0-3 month clothing.
she can still wear some of her newborn outfits,
but i have so much 0-3 month stuff that
i've been putting her in those for the last two weeks.
she has some control of her neck and head.
she can lift it and move it side to side,
but we are still using tummy time to help strengthen it more.
she has definitely filled out over the last month.
she has chubby cheeks and little rolls on her legs.
her eyes have turned blue - we'll see if they stay that way.
she no longer looks like a newborn,
but a precious baby girl.
she sleeps in her crib every night and has
since she was 5 weeks old.
i was putting her down at 10:00,
but she was so exhausted by 8:00 it was a miserable
couple hours just getting us there,
so now i put her down at 9:00
and start our bedtime routine at 8:00.
she is still sleeping through the night like a champ.
she normally wakes up somewhere between 6:00 ad 7:00,
i feed her and put her right back down and she sleeps again
until 9:00 or 10:00.
its so nice.
i feel like if you get a good nights sleep,
the rest is cake.
but it does keep ronnie and i from having much of a social life.
we need to be home by 8pm in order to get her to bed
and i don't start my day until around 10:00.
the one thing that is lacking is naps.
i think she sleeps so much at night
that she is pretty much awake most of the day.
i might get a 2 hr nap on a good day,
 and that's only if she's being held.
but most of the time she takes three 45 minute naps.
that is why she is so exhausted by the evening.
i'm still working on getting her down for a good afternoon nap in her crib everyday,
but so far, its a no go.
she is still on the boob diet.
i feel like she still can't go more than
3 hours without nursing again
and that's only if she's had a nap in there.
if she's awake the whole time,
she'll only go two hours before she's ready again.
and keeping with our routine,
she still takes a 2oz bottle every night before bed. 
she is cooing and talking all the time now.
she smiles at you and can make eye contact.
she can hold your finger and has quite the grip.
she loves to be sang to
and still loves the outdoors.
we also started using the stroller.
she goes for at least one walk per day
and depending on how hot it is,
we might go on two.
she loves jeep rides and use them
to pass time in the evenings during witching hours.
this totally makes ronald happy.
we've been using the jeep now more than ever
and i think i've seen all the back roads between here and lone jack. 
she had her first stroller ride.
her first sleepover.
her first shots. (wah wah)
her first cold.
her first injury.
(i managed to cut off -what felt like- half her pinky when trimming her nails.
i was devastated. she was bleeding and crying. mom of the year over here.)

its been so fun watching her change
and start to interact with us.
i can't wait to see what the next month brings.

want to compare?
go see brette at one month to see the difference.

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  1. If you want to feel better...one of the first times I clipped D's nails I did the same thing AND the nail clipping flew INTO her EYE!! Blood everywhere and I was terrified that I may have blinded her.