Wednesday, August 21, 2013

state fair

since the state fair is only 35 minutes from where i grew up,
i make sure and make an appearance every year.
what's better than the rides, the lights, the food, the concerts and the beer gardens?
its one of my favorite summer events.
this year was a little different though.
i took my whole family and
instead of showing up at 6pm,
we were leaving by 6pm.
and instead of concerts and beer,
we did petting zoos and funnel cakes.
it was still a lot of fun
and it was nice to see madeline go crazy over the horses.
the babies did wonderful too.
they rode in the stroller or were wrapped on jaime or i.
i even found a nice little garden spot to nurse Brette
and a hay bale to change her on.
and yes,
we might have had one of those white trash "you-brought-your-baby-in-a-bar" moments.
but in my defense,
we needed a shaded spot to sit and eat our funnel cake.
the beer gardens won.
so i did get a little dose of my old time state fair
and ronnie had a couple beers.
hope no one minded our parked strollers while we listened to some country karaoke.
yee haw.

(giving eden some time to stretch her legs)

(madeline wore my DAD'S shirt from when he was a boy. a true cowgirl.)
(ronnie and brian totally enthused about the kids center)

(leaving the beer gardens... with our babies)

(changing a diaper and talking to grandma)

(madeline watching the horses)
(brette sleeping on me in her adorable sun hat)

(mammas and their wrapped babies)

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