Wednesday, August 14, 2013

shot through the heart

brette got three shots
in her little legs yesterday.
i thought it was going to be worse on
me than her,
but truthfully, i think she hated it just as much.
it was one of those instant cries
where her face turns red and no
sound comes out because she is losing it.
i told her to breathe, which was a mistake,
because then she started screaming.
literally screaming, not crying.
it was high pitched and crazy. 
its definitely a different sound when
a child is in pain.
then came the crying.
when we got home i let her take a nap on me.
it lasted over two hours - which is huge for her
and gave me some uninterrupted snuggle time and computer time.
(as pictured below)
then daddy brought home some tylenol
and we actually had a good night.
i think the marathon nap plus the meds helped a lot.
today, she was a little fussy and running a slight temp.
 i gave her another dose of tylenol
and things seem to be on the mend.
i'm glad we don't have to do that again until october.

what did i do with all that time on the computer?
(besides blogging and checking facebook) i joined
parents as teachers and registered my family at the
catholic church so we can move forward with B's baptism.
more on both those things later.


  1. Just a helpful tip...give her the tylenol right before you even go to the doctor for shots....helps take the edge off and its already in her system....thats what my doctor always told me to do...

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