Friday, August 23, 2013

keeping up

part of my deal with ronnie about
staying at home with brette
was me selling my abilities to keep the house together too. 
the laundry.
the grocery shopping. 
the cleaning.
the errands.
i was a bit worried about being able to do it all
and also take care of a baby too. 
but luckily,
i have had a pretty great transition.
not to mention a super helpful husband...
(or ocd, you pick)
it helped me to schedule out my days.
mondays i clean and do some laundry.
tuesdays i visit jaime and the girls.
wednesdays i finish up laundry.
and thursdays i run errands.
she sleeps all morning and i use that time to do stuff around the house.
(or i use it to shower and get ready if i know we have plans that day) 
in the afternoon we run errands and ronnie is home by 4:00. 
but lets be honest,
i do have those days where i need to get stuff done
and brette wants my undivided attention. 
so i have found two ways to get around it. 
the first item i would recommend is the ring sling.
you can find them on etsy,
but they can get expensive - up to $70. 
i just bought some fabric from hobby lobby and
had a family friend make me one. 
brette loves to be wrapped on me. 
she either spends the time looking at everything
or falls asleep instantly.
i use it around the house to clean
or if i'm running errands and she wants out of the carseat. 
(ring sling)
the second item is a portable swing. 
we use our big swing a lot,
but its so nice to have the smaller one too that we can take outside.
if ronnie is washing the cars or if i am mowing the yard,
we can take her with us and be hands free. 
she loves being outside so we can easily get
30 minutes to an hour of "free" time to get some outdoor chores done.
notice i made no mention of dinner?
ronnie normally takes care of that
or i get out one of my freezer meals.
and that's my last recommendation.
prepare meals ahead of time.
its fast, easy, cheap and healthier than the drive-thru.
i can't tell you how much we rely on these.

for me, it helped to have a plan.


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