Tuesday, August 6, 2013


i've calculated it up
and out of the 8 weeks we've had brette
i've only been away from her for four hours.

i left her with my dad for an hour while my mom and i ran errands.
i left her with ronnie for an hour to get dinner and rent a movie.
and on friday, ronnie and i had our first outing together,
a couple hours at a tractor pull.

my mom and dad watched her and it was nice to go somewhere just the two of us.
however, i left and went back home by 8:30 and ronnie got home at 11:30.
i wanted to be back in time to feed her and put her to bed.
when i was leaving, i was telling ronnie that i kind of wished i could stay,
but i wanted to go just as much.

(this is brette's first sleepover and first time in her pack n' play.
she did awesome and slept 9 hrs.)
i've missed 4 hours out of 1,344 she's been here.
that sounds crazy.

its hard trying to find a balance.
wanting to be with her all the time
and knowing that i need to make time for myself as well.
not to mention, giving ronnie the chance to spread his daddy wings
and have her all to himself.
so in that regard,
i've joined a sand volleyball team.
they play once a week for a couple hours on tuesday nights.
it starts in a couple weeks and it will give ronnie
that chance to have a daddy daughter night.

cross your fingers that
we will all enjoy our time together... and apart.
i'm nervous.

 (bird mouth)

(louie is patiently waiting his turn)

(staring at her papa)




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