Monday, August 12, 2013

life's rough. wear a helmet.

brette is two months today.
we did her photoshoot this morning,
but her check-up with the pediatrician is tomorrow
so i'm going to wait to post her update
until i have her new stats.
but i do have a question/concern
that i didn't know if anyone else
has any thoughts on.
head shape.
i know FOUR mammas on facebook
whose kiddos ended up having to wear
a helmet because their heads were getting flat one side.
to me, four babies that have this seems like a lot 
so i now i'm nervous that it is a pretty common problem.
one i would like to avoid.
since i saw it happen to others i was trying
my best to make sure and rotate which side of
brette's head she would sleep on.
i would literally sing "from the window to the wall..."
to help me remember if it was time for her to face
the window or the wall when she lays in her crib.
i was like sandra bullock in the proposal - you can watch it here.
but now, brette has control of her head and neck
so even if it's a night to face the wall,
she ALWAYS faces the window.
i keep putting her down and she keeps moving her head.
so now i'm afraid she is going to have a flat head on one side.
i mean really.
i wish she would just stay still when i put her down.
so am i being a complete control freak?
should i even worry about this?
here i am watching her on the monitor,
as she moves her head to the window.
dang it.



  1. No worries, baby girl... her head is perfect. Most babies get a flat spot in the back but it all works out in the end. Her head is "soft" and will be until she's around 2 or 3. If you still worry, check with the doctor... and yes, a bit of a control freak, but we still love you.
    I had the opposite issue with Aden. His (ah hem) "large" head was not flat in the back, ever. People would comment on the shape of his head All. The. Time. and I thought maybe that his brain was swelling or something. :)-With new moms, you never know what atrocities we can think up. But Aden's head shape is perfect, and he never had a flat spot because other than sleeping he never laid around most of the day. Active little bugger. So I imagine your little one is just fine.

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  3. Addy had that problem....her poor lil head was flat on one side...she came out that way....and I can tell you that to this day her head is still slightly flat on one side (for the most part it popped back out)....but you can see it when her hair is wet....but I'm the only one that notices as I know its there....otherwise no one can tell so I can tell you not to worry about it...but you will because all moms do but it will all turn out fine...and even if she has to wear a helmet just think of all the bedazzling you can do to make it rockin....

  4. We used these for our girls. Anytime they were laying on the floor, in their swing, bouncer , nap nanny etc. (while we were up with them) they laid on these. I seriously think they are amazing for no flat heads. The NICU is where we were introduced to them! They sell them pretty much anywhere...but a lot of times only online through the retailer. Hope this helps ease your worry a bit.:)

  5. Haha wrong copy paste....

  6. Hi Brooke: I've been following your blog for a while... I don't have one of my own (started one, then failed miserably. Anyway, my son Grady is about to turn 5 months and my husband and I were also concerned about his head shape. He had a slight flat spot on his right side since birth and if you look at his head from above, it's a big wonky. His pedi said it wasn't a concern, but just rotate their positions as much as you can-- put a mirror on the changing table, favorite toys on one side, etc. As their head grows, those flat spots "pop" out. Don't worry!