Tuesday, August 20, 2013

health and wellness

we've had a rough couple days.
i've been sick these past couple weeks
and managed to pass it along to brette.
she woke up sunday with a horrible cold
and diarrhea.  
not awesome.
i asked my mamma friends for advice
and we came up with this plan:
aspirate the shit out of her nose
keep her propped up
well hydrated
and i sent ronnie to the store to load up
on baby vicks and a new humidifier.
it seems to be working.
she's not over it,
but she's definitely getting better.
the first night she threw up twice from the phlegm
so i had her sleep in our room the last two nights
just so i could hear her if she was coughing or choking.
but she's back to her room tonight
and doing just fine.
(ps- the night she threw up twice, she didn't even wake up.
i went in there. wiped her up. aspirated her nose. and laid her on a new pad.
she slept through the whole thing.  a total sleeping champion.)
i had a set back of my own.
i think since brette was sick and
not as interested in eating
i developed a clogged milk duct.
let me tell you,
those things hurt.
i was walking around with a golf ball sized lump.
i read online, called my doctor and got advice from my sis-n-law.
basically nurse like crazy, pump, massage, and try a warm compress.
i've been doing all of that for the last two days.
plus i've been getting up in the middle of the night to pump when i normally wouldn't
and sleeping with a heating pad.
finally, this afternoon, it let down.
brette choked when the dam was broke and
i've never been so happy to squirt my daughter in the face.
and just like that, it seems to be healed.
thank jesus.
i'm just happy that we both are on the mend.


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  2. OH EM GEE!! hahaha "ive never been so happy to squirt my daughter in the face" cracked up out loud at work!!! but man that sure does sound painful :/ glad you got everything taken care of! miss ya! -Rachel H.