Monday, September 16, 2013

brette: 3 months

she weighs 12lbs 2oz
her height is 22in
i'm not sure what her head circumference is.
we'll have to wait to go back to the doctor next month.
but her cheeks have taken over.
seriously, chubby.
and adorable.
she's still in size one diapers
and wear 0-3 month clothing.
i have a couple of newborn outfits that she can still sport,
but i took most of them out and packed them away.

her head and neck control is awesome.
i no longer have to support it.
she is constantly looking around and
wants to be carried facing out so she can see what's going on.
and she hates to be carried like a baby.
her eyes are still blue - but it's a dark blue.
her hair hasn't lightened up any
and she's starting to lose a bit in the back.
she is still sleeping in her crib every night.
she goes down somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00
and sleeps till 7:00.
then i put her back down and she sleeps another couple hours.
after that, she's up until her afternoon nap,
which is normally two hours.
i'm still struggling with putting her down,
but i might have come up with a solution.
the swing.
i've only tried it twice so its too new to say if it's going to work,
but i'll keep you posted.
she is still on the boob diet.
i feel like she still can't go more than
3 hours without nursing again
and that's only if she's had a nap in there.
if she's awake the whole time,
she might only let me go 2 hours
but i'm trying to lengthen her out to three hours.
sometimes she makes it and other times she doesn't.
and keeping with our routine,
she still takes a 2oz bottle every night before bed. 
we've busted out some toys!
i use them to help with her hand coordination.
she can follow objects with her eyes,
instead of moving her whole head and
she's batting at things you put in front of her.
she'll grab ahold of an object and
bring it to her mouth.
in fact, she took the pacifier from me and popped it in her mouth.
i know it was a one in a million shot,
but i also considered that maybe i just have genius baby.

she is also such a talker.
it is the cutest thing to have a conversation with her.
you can see the video of her and ronnie talking last week.
she had her first over night without mamma.
she had her first road trip. (6 hours in the car in one day)
she went to her first festival.
she had her first blow out diaper. (gross)

she's growing and glowing
and ronnie and i couldn't be more in love.

ps- our tummy photos did not go well.
we might have to cut those.  she cried and i didn't get one good shot.

wanna see her grow?

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