Monday, September 23, 2013

the nashville insider

i am leaving for a week in nashville with the fam.
we were supposed to be headed to our annual trip
to estes park, but they had some m a j o r flooding
and the highways were literally washed away.
so this vacation to tennessee was booked yesterday
and we leave friday,
which means we have no plans.
i hate not knowing what to do,
where to go
and what to eat, when i visit a city,
so if anyone has been
and has some great recommendations,
i would really appreciate it.
so far i found a lot of
bars, bars and more bars.
which makes me wish ronzo and i
had visited a couple years ago.
but now we're traveling with my parents and three little girls.
so we need some family friendly suggestions.
that makes things a bit harder.
ready. go.

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