Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a few things

i am still trying to figure out nap time around here.
nothing is really working amazingly.
i did start using the swing and she will sleep in there about
an hour, but she normally wakes up once during that hour.
then she sleeps on me for the next hour, for a total of
a two hour nap.
i still can't figure out what's waking her up
or why she can't put herself back to sleep.
at night she wakes up and falls back to sleep on her own.
i think my next step is buying room darkening curtains
to make her room super dark.
maybe that would help.
ronnie is not going with us to nashville.
i hate it.
who wants to go on a family vacation without their husband?
he thinks he needs to stay and work.
i think he needs to take a break and hang out with me.
it doesn't seem very fair that i don't have a job
and i'm the one getting the vacation.
i'm hoping he takes it easy while we're gone.
hang with some friends or something.
but knowing him he'll slave away.
our foundation work on the house is complete.
the grass is sowed and our yard is covered in straw.
hopefully, grass starts popping up soon.
now we just need to lay the carpet in the basement.
the guys are coming next week while i'm gone.
hopefully, i come home to it being completely done.
then i can get the treadmill back out and
maybe try working out again.
(i don't think i can blame the fattiness on brette past 6 months.)
that's what has been going on over here in cox land.
happy hump day!

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