Tuesday, September 3, 2013

don't mess with me... please

ronnie was working out of town last week.
he left on monday morning and got home wednesday night.
i normally do pretty well when he's gone.
no major issues.
and on monday night, it was same ol' same ol'.
but tuesday night,
i got scared.
i kept thinking i was hearing things.
it didn't help when my freaking dog
sat up in bed and starts growling at our dark hallway.
mother fucker.
and he's a chihuahua,
what the hell is he going to do to an intruder?
the most i've ever seen him do is growl and hide under the bed.
which is what i wanted to do to.
except i can't leave brette.
then my mind got away with me. 
how would i get us out of the house?
i know ronnie keeps a gun on his side of the bed,
but honestly i don't know if its loaded.
assuming it is, i don't even know if i could
turn the safety off and be able to use it.
maybe i could just point it at him and scare him away?
maybe i could make it to her room and go out the window?
maybe i could run down the hallway with my gun and my baby with my yappy dogs following?

i decided i need to check things out.
(which getting out of bed and turning on the light is the hardest.
you just hope nothing is actually there when the lights flick on.)
so i got up and rechecked that i've locked all the doors,
i even checked the garage.
but i think i freaked myself out so much that
i spent the rest of the night in and out of sleep.
i texted ronnie at 6:00 in the morning telling him to come home.
i'm sure he thought i was being a sweet wife,
but really i would just rather him shoot someone than me.

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