Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my next 30 years

i'm turning 30 this week.
i hate it.
i don't want to say goodbye to my 20's
but i know brette will make my 30's a decade to remember.
i hinted to ronnie that i wanted a party.
(not really, i straight told him he better do something
since we went to vegas for his 30th.)
he invited my 14 best friends to par-tay.
he made reservations a fun outdoor restaurant-bar
and booked a party bus for road trippin.
(one of my favorite things we used to do).
the bus ended up being in the shop,
so they sent us a party shuttle.  it had no radio.
i'm sorry, what "party" vehicle doesn't have a radio?
good thing is was half the price.
but honestly, with all the beers and inappropriate stories,
we had a blast.
after road tripping for a couple hours
we went back to the bar to listen to the band.
we were a mess and fabulous all at once.
it was such a fun night and i feel like i have the best friends eva.
eva. eva.





only at 30th birthday party do you have beer and breast milk in the cooler.
have a pump on the party bus.
and have someone throwing up from carsickness (and the beer).
ps- brette spent the night at grandma and grandpa's house.
her first night away from us.
she made it great, but i couldn't wait to get my hands on her the next morning.

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