Wednesday, September 4, 2013


this is another one of those posts
where i need your help.
everyone was so great with my flat head concern
and brette's issues with the carseat.
(which ps- she is back to LOVING)
but now,
i have a new problem.

the nap.

i battle brette everyday to get her down.
i've wrapped her.
i've walked her.
i've rocked her.
i've driven her.
i've nursed her.
but getting her to sleep isn't the problem.
all of these methods got her to sleep.
the problem,
is laying her down.
once she's asleep, i cannot lay her in her crib.
she wakes up within 20 minutes.
sometimes she wakes up instantly.
i've read some articles on this and they say that i'm not waiting long enough.
i guess most babies take around 20 minutes to get into a deep sleep
and if you try to put her down before then, she will wake up.
so i tried a bunch of different lengths of times
i've held her anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
and it didn't make any difference.
if i hold her the whole time she will sleep for two hours.
but i'm not even being greedy.
if i could just get her to sleep for ONE hour,
after laying her down,
i would be happy.
any suggestions?
i was thinking i could lay something in the crib
next to her so she would think she was still on me,
but i didn't know if she was still too little to have anything in the crib with her?
the weird thing is,
we have NO issues at night.
she goes right off to sleep in her crib.
so maybe it's too light in her room?
i really don't know.
and she's going on three months.
waaaay to young to not have an afternoon nap.
please help.
ps- our little missy turned 12 weeks today.
i did a little photo comparison shot this morning.

(two weeks)

(twelve weeks)
same outfit, same lounger.


  1. Crosby was like this too. Those little shits. We started the Ferber method around 12/13 weeks. It's not for everyone, bit it's for us and works. Also, Crosby and Cohen were super morning nappers and then lousy afternoon nappers... Maybe they don't need that much in afternoon? Hope someone has good advice for ya two!

  2. she is precious. SO, you have my book and my input on some of this already... but I wonder... she sleeps a looooong chunk of time w only one nursing - does she just need (want?) some mama time? i feel like she is independent far more than the average 12 week old in sleep - perhaps it's the trade off. babies want nurture/closeness. it wasn't that long ago she was used to being withyouallthetime! lol i KNOW i'm biased with parenting... just a thought. :)

  3. Kelly, as a baby, slept around 12 hours a night, so she didn't take naps during the day, ever, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Amazing right? My little one slept only 7-9 hours at 6 weeks and took 2 naps (1-2) a piece during the day. However by age 2, he was sleeping 10-11 hours a night and took no naps. It was a sad day for me... I loved those naps. I slept too! I tried to force the issue at first, thinking he needed it but he just didn't. I would work for an hour to get him down, he would sleep for two and then at night he would play and talk in his crib until midnight or one o'clock. I couldn't sleep unless I knew he was, so it wasn't a good situation. :)
    So I imagine you should gage what she needs for her. She may just need to catnap during the day and doesn't require extra sleep, especially if she is getting tons at night/morning. Every kiddo is different... if they don't get quality sleep at night... they will need to sleep during the day. If they get a good rest in at night, they don't need much during the day. Kind of like us... huh? Good luck, you have done beautifully with her so far, so I am sure you and Brette will work this out too. Luv ya! Mick

  4. This was Drew too. I tried every form of putting her in the crib. Rolling her in, swaying her in, swinging her in. She would always wake up. We tried using a heating pad to warm the bed a bit (that kinda worked but you had to remember to do it before a nap). For a long time she napped during the day in her bouncer. She like the incline and the cozy. Swing worked too. Eventually we recreated night time in her room with a room darkening shade and the sound machine. That worked but honestly, I think it just took time. By the time she started the sitter at 16 weeks, she napped just fine in a pack n play. So that's what we did but no guarantees it will work for you :). Good luck!