Monday, July 29, 2013

over the river and through the woods... then she loses it

i thought i got really lucky with an amazing sleeper
and a good car rider.
but after about the second week,
brette found a certain disdain for her carseat.
sometimes she is a perfect angel.
she'll stare out the window or
she'll fall asleep.
but the other times,
she will lose her damn mind.
ronnie and i have definitely had to pull over
numerous times to get her out and calm her down.
and when i'm by myself, there's not much i can do,
the poor thing.
we have, however, find her kryptonite.
the jeep.
she's just like leia.
i think since she rides up higher,
with more sound
and more vibration,
she actually enjoys herself.

i would like to say that i've taken over the jeep
as my everyday car, but no.
it's not very practical for me.
so if anyone has any suggestions
on how to help with our carseat situation,
please share.
right now we have toys hanging,
a mirror so she can see herself,
the noise machine going
and (when i have ronnie with me) i'll ride back there with her.
am i missing anything?
any tricks?


  1. I read another blog where she found out her kiddo was getting reflux in the car, almost like motion sickness?? Is she a gassy baby? I'm not sure why shed do better in the jeep though. Drew HATES the car but its a boredom thing and she did ok as an infant.

  2. Calvin hates the car, still does actually. So we found the one and only thing that would calm him down, a song. For him it's I'm yours by Jason Mraz. If there is any song that calms Brette down, put it on repeat! Might not be a lot of help, but hopefully there is some song that works for her!!

  3. I was thinking something about car sickness too! She probably likes the jeep bc the open air. if it car sickness reflux issue the open air might calm the problem.. its helps grown up sickness.