Sunday, July 28, 2013

a week in pictures

i have had a busy week.
i didn't even know those were possible
when you take a 40 hour work week out of the equation,
but its true.

tuesday i spent at brian and jaime's because
my mom was watching their girls.
i left the house at 10 and got home at 7. 


on wednesday, ronnie's sister and her two kids came to visit,
then my mom came up to sit with brette in the waiting room
while i had my 6 week check-up.
my doctor got called in to emergency surgery so i was bumped to next week.
instead, we went out for lunch and shopping.

my long lost friend from high school came back into town,
so on thursday we spent the day at her pool
meeting each others daughters.
brette passed out while i was changing her diaper.

and finally on friday, i had most of my girlfriends
and their kids over for a playdate.

so i really was too busy to blog,
but busy doing really fun things,
so please forgive me.
i'm back on the couch this week and ready to share.

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