Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the cool parents

even though we're parents,
we can still party.
leave it to me to think it would be good idea to plan a get-together
a couple weeks after brette was born. 
i knew it would be a little stressful on me,
but i really wanted to do something nice for ronnie.
he celebrated is 34th birthday on the 7th,
he just had his first father's day
and he graduated his apprenticeship program. 
lots of reasons to celebrate.
plus its summer, which is reason enough.
and people want to see brette.
lucky for me, brette had a sleepy day the day before
so i was able to clean house and prepare food.
not so stressful after all.
so last saturday, we invited 30 people over to our house for dinner and drinks.
this gave ronnie an excuse to use his smoker and drink some beers.
it was a really fun night.
our friends and family all got to enjoy a nice evening on the deck.
and one of my besties, marge, came in town.
i got to see her baby boy again and she got to meet brette.
loved it.
plus we were able to introduce brette to cohen.
future romance?!
while the boys and girls partied outside,
some of us mammas had ourselves our own little nursing party.
doesn't this make you want to hold hands and sing kumbaya?
i can't believe this is my life now (in a good way).
sorry for the lack of pictures, but
thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate my mister!

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