Wednesday, September 18, 2013

please, no old jokes

if you have been a long time reader you will
remember that i made a list of
30 things i wanted to do before i turned 30.
i wrote this list when i was turning 28,
and updated it when i turned 29.

1. visit another country
(we have a trip to mexico booked, does that count?)
2. do the splits
3. finish my basement and master bedroom
4. read 100 new books
5. start a garden
6. run five 5Ks
7. take 'fuck' out of my everyday language
8. find a new job
9. keep a gratitude journal
10. remember to compliment my husband
11. learn how to play the guitar
12. start a hat collection - and wear them
13. learn how to curl my hair - beside how i did in the 5th grade
14. secretly save $1200 for a gift for ronnie
15. train my babies - they really shouldn't be having accidents anymore
16. make dinner four nights a week
17. go to church regularly
18. let go of my grudges
19. be romantic
20. give up television one night a week
21. wear the lipstick i buy
22. find my inspiration
23. buy land or a new house
24. routinely exercise
25. see bob seger in concert
26. learn how to make a pie from scratch
27. share my blog
28. learn a new word a week
29. always be truthful - even when it's hard
(this one i consider ongoing.)
30. make a decision about having a kid

well, tomorrow is the big day.
i am proud of the things i accomplished
and honestly, some of these things aren't
that important to me anymore.

do the splits?
never gonna happen.

wear lipstick?
i did start wearing it to work,
but now it's just me and B
and lipstick might be a little fancy for what we have going on.

learn a new word a week?
who gives a F.
which obviously means i'm still working on #7 too.

then there are those i thought i'd FOR SURE have done.
finishing my master bedroom?
i really need to pull it together.

read 100 new books?
i don't know why i don't read like i used to.

run five 5K's.
well, i got pregnant and stopped running.

and then, honestly the one i didn't know if we'd ever figure out:
#30 - make a decision about having a baby.
and obviously, we did.

so i didn't get to scratch
e v e r y o n e
of them off my list.
but i did half.
(which by school standards is failing)
but i'm going to consider this a success.

maybe i need a list for my next 30 years...
in the mean time, i'll be eating cake.


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